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Ok. So I have finally taken the plunge and made myself a blog. I used to be somewhat anti-blogging, only because it seemed strange and oddly self-absorbed to make a website dedicated to sharing ones own personal endeavors with people. But, after I started making YouTube videos I realized that being a semi-public internet figure is a lot more about community, friendships, and fun (if you do it right).

This has been especially evident through the year or so that I’ve been livestreaming video games on YouTube. I started youtube with the plan of just uploading videos, which I still do. But I didn’t see the appeal of playing my games LIVE for a bunch of random people who would witness all of my weird idiosyncrasies. At first, I questioned the whole livestreaming endeavor, thinking “Who would want to sit and watch me play video games?” But as I continued to play and cross-streams with my other gamer friends, I realized that it is a really lucrative and rewarding form of social interaction, and as introverted and hermit-like as it sounds, I really would rather sit at home nowadays and livestream some CoD with friends rather than go out IRL.

This brings me to another odd topic: the idea that socializing online is somehow less ‘real’ than ‘real life’. That’s not to say that online communities are devoid of fakeness or fabricated personalities/experiences. But I do feel like some of the friendships I’ve made online are at least as valuable as those that I have with people IRL. Perhaps I shall reserve this topic for a later post.

Anyway, I’m not sure what brought you to my blog, but hopefully you will decide to stick around. Growing my internet presence has helped me develop as a person, and perhaps you can join me on this epic journey. My future blog posts will be much less wordy and hopefully more picture-y for your viewing pleasure, and I plan on using this site as a casual outlet to inform you about random tidbits of my life.

If you’re still reading this, then kudos to you! And welcome to my blog. Feel free to follow me on my various social media sites. Also, in the spirit of online socializing, leave me a comment below! I hope to see you as a regular around these parts.