Lootcrate Unboxing: “Animate” Theme – September 2013

This month’s Lootcrate has finally arrived! Since the theme for this month is “Animate”, us looters got some awesome cartoon-related goodies in our crates. You can see the items from this month’s lootcrate in my unboxing video below.  Also, for some reason I received two crates this month, which means more goodies for me (and perhaps a giveaway of my duplicate goodies for you)!

Lootcrate is a monthy subscription box that sends geeky and game related stuff to your house. It’s basically like treating yourself to a geeky birthday present every month. Most of the loot consists of nerdy knick-knacks and figurines, but they will occasionally give t-shirts and other cool things that help sweeten the deal.

➛➛ Click here to sign-up and become a Looter!

Although this is my first time posting a Lootcrate unboxing here on my site, I have already done several lootcrate unboxing videos on YouTube. Feel free to check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Lootcrate Unboxing - Portal "CAKE" Theme with StrangeLuv Lootcrate Unboxing - VGHS "Varsity" Theme with StrangeLuvLootcrate Unboxing - June "Mashup" with StrangeLuv

P.S. I recommend watching at least the beginning of the Portal “Cake” Lootcrate unboxing, since I gave the intro some VFX love that you Portal fans might enjoy. 😉


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