Alas, another well-crafted TV show has come to a close. I’m not going to spoil anything here for those of you who are still plugging away at the episodes. However, I do have to commend Vince Gilligan for making a ‘finite’ show. There’s nothing wrong with a long-running TV series, but all too often I find TV shows that draaaaag onnnn with no end in sight, lacking a cohesive plot structure to guide the way (I’m looking at you, LOST). There’s an abundance of shows that would be better off wrapping up their seasons instead of renewing contracts. Luckily, Gilligan intended for Breaking Bad to be a finite show from the start. And, like turning the last page of a riveting novel, the end of Breaking Bad has left me feeling fulfilled, with a dash of melancholy. Even though I will miss seeing new episodes, I am happy to have experienced Walter White’s journey. A show like this deserved a good ending, and I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying conclusion.

I stumbled across a fan-made Breaking Bad flash game that was released a couple weeks ago, and I decided to post some of my gameplay as a lighthearted tribute to the series finale. The controls aren’t the best, but it’s still fun and a bit addicting, as most 2D side-scrollers are.

I also found an updated infographic depicting the total death toll accrued throughout the series, and I thought you Breaking Bad fans might enjoy it if you haven’t seen it already.

WARNING: This infographic contains Breaking Bad SPOILERS!!
➛➛Click here for the Breaking Bad Final Death Toll

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