Start your timers, because Jack is back! Fans of 24 have been anxiously awaiting the return of their favorite time-pressed special agent, Jack Bauer, and now the wait is nearly over. FOX has finally announced a release date for the highly anticipated television sequel, 24: Live Another Day. We can look forward to seeing Bauer again in all of his interrogative glory on May 5th, but in the mean time, we’ll have to be content with this brief teaser trailer.

There will only be 12 episodes in the series, which goes against the canonical formula that is uniquely 24 (each season=one day; 24 one-hour episodes to show events in ‘real time’). But if you’re a fan of 24 like myself, the mere return of Bauer is satisfying enough, even if it means a condensed season.

Are you looking forward to watching 24: Live Another Day? Let me know in the comments!