Nerd Block Unboxing: “SPIDER BITES” – April 2014

My first Nerd Block has finally arrived, and I’ve prepared an unboxing of all its deliciously geeky contents just for you!

Nerd Block makes your mailbox a little bit nerdier every month, similarly to Lootcrate. However, Nerd Block sends a t-shirt in every block, combined with a lot more collectable figurines that makes it worth the subscription, in my opinion. It costs about $20/month, plus shipping, etc. I should point out that they ship out of Canada, so if you are ordering for a U.S. address, there will be an extra shipping fee.  Plus, they also offer Nerd Block Jr. boxes, which contain more children’s toys and kid-themed things. A great gift for kiddos!

Anyway, I was really happy with what Nerd Block sent this month, and I’ll be looking forward to the next one. I even got a little Gizmo to hang out and keep me company during livestreams. Thanks Nerd Block!


➟ Click here to sign up and make your mailbox a little nerdier! 

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