The past couple weeks have been pretty eventful for fans of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Right on the heels of Garden Warfare’s PC debut, PopCap announced the Tactical Taco Party Pack, which went live on July 1st for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users. The free DLC update includes the new map Jewel Junction, a timed-exclusive for PC that is now available for Xbox players, as well as two new characters, a revised 8v8 mixed mode playlist, and an overall patch for bug fixes. I was particularly excited that they finally implemented an in-game party system, so now I can party up and stick together with my friends without getting auto-balanced onto different teams.

My latest character showcase features the Berry Shooter & the Citrus Cactus, two free plant variants that arrived with the update. These characters also happen to be sponsored by Aquafina, but the product placement has been limited to a mention on the main menu screen; the characters themselves are free from any blatantly tacked on logos or advertising.

I also made a commentary giving my thoughts on the new Jewel Junction map, as well as my overall impressions of the PC version of Garden Warfare. Check out the commentary below! ↓