New PvZ: Garden Warfare Action Figures!

Check out these awesome new Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare action figures from Diamond Select Toys! Thanks to the team over at PopCap, I was fortunate enough to get a whole set of figurines to show to all of you. These are some of the first toys that are exclusive Garden Warfare designs, so if you’re a PvZ fan, I suggest you pick up a set or two. ūüôā

These toys were released last September (I think), so you should be able to find them at Toys R Us. But if you wanted to order them online, you can get them from the Diamond Select Toys website.

Shout out to Rowland over at PopCap for hooking me up with these sweet action figures! You guys are seriously rad.

I’ve also received a set of¬†PvZ: Garden Warfare “Legends of the Lawn” posters, and PopCap is allowing me and a few other PvZ community members to giveaway a few sets of these posters to all of you! I will be posting a video on how to enter my¬†giveaway for these poster sets very soon, so stay tuned!

Which action figure is your favorite? Leave me a comment!


Nerd Block Unboxing: “SPIDER BITES” – April 2014

My first Nerd Block has finally arrived, and I’ve prepared an unboxing of all its deliciously geeky contents just for you!

Nerd Block makes your mailbox a little bit nerdier every month, similarly to Lootcrate. However, Nerd Block sends a t-shirt in every block, combined with a lot more collectable figurines that makes it worth the subscription, in my opinion. It costs about $20/month, plus shipping, etc. I should point out that they¬†ship out of Canada, so if you are ordering for a U.S. address, there will be an extra shipping fee. ¬†Plus, they also offer Nerd Block Jr. boxes, which contain more children’s toys and kid-themed things. A great¬†gift for kiddos!

Anyway, I was really happy with what Nerd Block sent this month, and I’ll be looking forward to the next one. I even got a little Gizmo to hang out and keep me company during livestreams. Thanks Nerd Block!


‚ěü Click here to sign up and make your mailbox a little nerdier!¬†

LootCrate Unboxing: “Attack on Titanfall!” – March 2014

It’s that time again to do another Loot Crate unboxing! I unfortunately had to take a loot crate¬†hiatus for a while, but when I heard about the March “Titan” theme, I couldn’t resist! I renewed my subscription so that epic Titanfall & Attack on Titan goodies could arrive on my doorstep. Even if I end up cancelling my sub again, these titan goodies were worth it! Check out my unboxing video to see the awesome crate contents this month.

In case you didn’t know, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that sends geeky and game related stuff to your house. It’s basically like treating yourself to a geeky birthday present every month. Most of the loot consists of nerdy knick-knacks and figurines, but they will occasionally give t-shirts and other cool things that help sweeten the deal.

‚Üí Click here to start gathering your own Loot!¬†‚Üź

Happy eHalloween!

When it comes to Halloween, most people either go out to costume parties, or sit at home and pass out candy. I did neither, and yet I still was able to ‘do’¬†Halloween, just on my own terms. This year I celebrated an “eHalloween” by lounging at my computer chair and partaking in what internet Halloween had to offer. I particularly like how in the word “eHalloween” the ‘e’ looks sort of like a little pumpkin, doesn’t it? Ok, well it does to me ūüėČ

I didn’t dress up this year, since I didn’t really have anywhere to show off a costume. I’m not much into the bar scene, save for rare occasions here and there. Plus, there were no trick-or-treaters at our door, simply because I had failed to change the light bulb on the porch in time for the little critters to come knocking. I suppose I could have sat out there with a bowl of candy, but either way it’s just safer if the kids didn’t try to stumble up our doorstep in darkness.¬† That and I’m quite lazy.

Since I didn’t have a costume, I decided to zombify a photo of myself and at least try to pass it off as an internet costume of sorts. There’s a site called Pic Monkey that offers a decent amount of free photo editing features for simple projects (they have a premium service with better features, but the freebies worked for me).¬† For this Halloween, Pic Monkey offered a handful of free and premium zombie photo effects which were just what I was looking for.¬† The finished product is what you see on the thumbnail for my unboxing video below:

Oh yes, I unboxed this month’s Lootcrate. This seems to be as good a post as any to share the unboxing video with you guys, so please feel free to check out the¬†vid¬†to see¬†October’s awesome zombie goodies! This month’s crate seemed pretty well worth the price, all items considered.

Besides the photo editing, there are other places to dress up for an eHalloween without having to leave your pajamas. I am of course talking about the slew of spooky, temporary cosmetic items you can find in some of your favorite games. I know Borderlands 2 and TF2 offered new Halloween-themed character skins, but for my eHalloween I chose to¬†dink¬†around with some of the gear being offered in Firefall¬†for The Night of the Melding, the Firefall equivalent of Halloween. The Firefall devs held an online costume contest that¬†asked players to¬†screencap their characters in Firefall while rocking the new gear. I didn’t win, but some of the winners had really great entries. Here’s my character rocking the bat wings:

Firefall Halloween¬†Of¬†course, it wouldn’t be an adequate eHalloween without a fair share of scary games. The great thing about holidays is that you can count on some decent game sales, especially on Steam. Steam had it’s Halloween sale, offering a ton of discounted scary games, including the Halloween edition of Huntsman: The Orphanage. I was given a copy of Huntsman for auditioning for a voice actor part, and I hope to do a video overview of the game sometime soon.

Well that pretty much wraps up my eHalloween shenanigans, and I must say, celebrating online makes for a much more relaxing holiday. Perhaps I’ll start prepping for my eChristmas ūüėČ

Lootcrate Unboxing: “Animate” Theme – September 2013

This month’s Lootcrate has finally arrived!¬†Since the theme for this month is “Animate”, us looters got some awesome cartoon-related goodies in our crates. You can see the items from this month’s lootcrate in my unboxing video¬†below.¬†¬†Also,¬†for some reason I received two crates this month, which means more goodies for me (and perhaps a giveaway of my duplicate goodies for you)!

Lootcrate is a monthy subscription box that sends geeky and game related¬†stuff to your house. It’s basically like treating yourself to a geeky birthday present every month. Most of the loot consists of nerdy knick-knacks and figurines, but they will occasionally give t-shirts and¬†other cool things¬†that¬†help¬†sweeten the deal.

‚ěõ‚ěõ Click here to sign-up and become a Looter!

Although this is my first time posting a Lootcrate unboxing here on my site, I have already done several lootcrate unboxing videos on YouTube. Feel free to check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Lootcrate Unboxing - Portal "CAKE" Theme with StrangeLuv Lootcrate Unboxing - VGHS "Varsity" Theme with StrangeLuvLootcrate Unboxing - June "Mashup" with StrangeLuv

P.S. I recommend watching at least the beginning of the Portal “Cake” Lootcrate unboxing, since I gave the intro some VFX love that you Portal fans might enjoy. ūüėČ