Is Darksiders 3 Being Made?

Nordic Games has announced that they have teamed up with Gunfire Games to bring us the Darksiders 2 “Deathinitive Edition,” which is essentially a remake of Darksiders 2 for Xbox One and PS4.

Since Gunfire Games is almost entirely composed of ex-Vigil Games developers who worked on the Darksiders games, it makes sense for Nordic to consult this small dev team for the remake. Nordic Games has mentioned that if they continue with the Darksiders franchise, it would need to be with the help of past Vigil Games employees to keep with the spirit of Darksiders and maintain the vision that the original creators intended for the series.

Although a remake of our beloved Darksiders 2 is nice an all, this has caused yet another surge of fans to inquire as to whether a third installment will be made. Many speculate that the reason for this next-gen remake is to prepare for Darksiders 3, which has yet to be confirmed. Fingers crossed!

PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 Announced for 2016!

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has officially been announced, meaning I can finally spill the beans on a few of the details! Last month, I actually got the opportunity to play this amazing sequel at the PopCap offices in Seattle (which was an awesome way to spend my birthday, btw). I had a blast getting to know the developers as well as some other content creators, and we even got a chance to give our feedback on the game as it develops. I feel honored to have been a part of their event, and look forward to what the team has in store for PvZ: GW2!

popcap group shot

PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 comes with some awesome new features, including six new character classes, and tons of new character varients. Check out my video that I’ve linked above for more details.

PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 is set to release sometime in Spring 2016, and you can make pre-order plans by clicking here. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date on the game’s progress!

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – My YouTube Playlist!

The Witcher 3 is finally here! Although I haven’t been able to play as much as I’d like, I am finally able to sit down and get the content rolled out. I have never been one to do typical “let’s plays” on my YouTube channel, but that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally put out some live gameplay. Check out some of my Witcher 3: Wild Hunt videos in the playlist linked above!

I also have various content planned for future uploads, including some quest walkthroughs that are meant more for players who are new to the game. Also, I will soon have a series of Bestiary videos that I hope you all will enjoy!

Most of the videos I have in store are along the lines of commentaries, ones that will discuss a particular theme or topic from the Witcher 3. If you have a topic or theme you think I should discuss, feel free to contact me!

Witcher 3: New Trailer Analysis + More Info!

Hey Witcher fans! There has been a TON of new gameplay footage, news articles, and information posted about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lately, so I figured I’d gather some articles here for you to browse through. I also made another video breakdown of the latest trailer posted by the Witcher YouTube channel, which you can see above.

I also plan to make some more topic-based Witcher 3 videos in the coming weeks before the game launches, so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date on my video content!

EDIT: The Witcher Store has officially opened! Check out some of the awesome swag, including the Witcher medallion that I’ve been absolutely drooling over:

Below you’ll find a list of some notable Witcher 3: Wild Hunt articles and videos from the past few weeks:

Recent Witcher 3 YouTube Videos:

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Official Gameplay Trailer (April 2015)

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – TV Spot

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Precious Cargo Quest Walkthrough

Various Witcher 3 Articles:

Witcher 3 Map Size compared to GTA5, Skyrim, & Farcry 4 (GamingBolt)

Witcher 3 is 25 hours long with speedrun, 200+ hours long with normal play (Polygon)

How Side Quests in Witcher 3 Can Change the Whole Story (GameSpot)

Gamespot’s Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 3-part series

Simple Fanmade Witcher Recap Infographic

Witcher 3 Info from Gamestar article (Neogaf)

All Witcher 3 pre-order bonuses from various retailers

What is L.E.A.F.? – Plants vs Zombies Teaser

Today, the Plants vs Zombies YouTube channel was infiltrated by a transmission from “L.E.A.F”. So who or what is L.E.A.F.? A covert team of undercover plant agents? Or is it something more deceptive?

A lot of people are speculating that this info has something to do with new DLC for Garden Warfare. However, the PvZ dev team clarified that the Legends of the Lawn DLC was the last major content update for GW, so these transmissions likely pertain to some greater PvZ project.

Hopefully we will get more clues to help us PvZ fans figure out the mystery of L.E.A.F very soon. Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – New Gameplay Analysis

Hey guys! It’s about time I gave you my thoughts on the Witcher 3 gameplay that came out in January, so I put together another commentary analysis video that I’ve linked down below. I’ve also added on the seven minutes of gameplay from PAX East at the end of the video; I figured it makes more sense at this point to have both chunks of gameplay together in one video.

For my next Witcher 3 video, I was thinking perhaps to do a casual vlog style commentary about some of the topics discussed in the latest Q&A developer sessions. If that is something you’d be interested in seeing, let me know!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is just around the corner, so I hope you guys are as hyped as I am!!

New PvZ:Garden Warfare Montage!

Hey guys! Long time no blog. I figured I should update my site before you started to think I gave up on it or something. It really just comes down to me being a lazy poster. But no more! This is actually my first post of the new year (mid-February, yikes!), but I promise to update my blog site more often to keep you all up to date on what I’ve been doing.

A lot of the articles on this blog ended up being more news-like in nature, but that wasn’t ever the direction I wanted to take this site. It is a blog, after all…I feel my posts can still be informative without sounding so formal. So, hopefully a more casual approach to blog posts will not only make it easier for me to post regularly, but also will make them more readable for all of you.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I’ve put together a little montage of some fun moments I’ve had in PvZ: Garden Warfare over the past year, and I wanted to share the video with you. If you haven’t seen the video yet, feel free to check it out below! I appreciate feedback, so don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

Ciri Confirmed as Playable Character!

A few days ago, CDProjektRed confirmed that Ciri will be the second playable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! I know I’m a little late to the hype train, but this is still exciting news! Ciri is said to be fast, agile, and will wield many unique powers, including the blink ability teased in the Elder Blood trailer.

On a less exciting note, CDPR also announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed until May 2015, stating that there are still “many details that need to be corrected” and will require another 12 weeks of development. At first, this news is a real bummer. However, I would rather wait a couple months to ensure that the game is polished and ready, rather than pay for a game that is riddled with bugs that may or may not be fixed through a series of patches.  It’s always a good sign when a reputable game company has the balls to take extra time to polish their game; I’m sure W3 will be worth the wait.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Other Playable Characters!

At last night’s The Game Awards show, CDProjektRed announced that players will be given the chance to play as someone other than Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! Although they did not confirm which character would be playable, the devs did say that the playable character is featured somewhere in the new “Elder Blood” trailer, which debuted during the show.

This is such exciting news! My top guesses for playable character options are Ciri or Yennefer. Both characters play a large role in the Witcher saga and their abilities would lend well to unique forms of magical combat. Lambert is also featured in the trailer, but I don’t really see a reason to have players switch to another Witcher.

If you could play as another character in the Witcher 3, which character would you choose? Who knows, maybe we’ll get to play as Dandelion and wield some killer poetry. 😉

Witcher 3: “The Trail” Opening Cinematic Analysis!

Witcher 3 - Yennefer Hey Witcher fans! Last week, CDProjekt Red released “The Trail”, the opening cinematic for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I’ve put together an informal vlog discussing some of my thoughts on the cinematic, which you can watch below!
Feel free to leave your thoughts on Yennefer, Vesemir, and any other aspects of the cinematic in the comment section of the video, and please leave a “like” rating if you did. 🙂

Also, CDPR announced that there are 16 FREE DLC’s lined up for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which will be available to anyone who buys the game.

“You don’t have to pre-order, you don’t have to buy any special edition to get them — if you own a copy of Wild Hunt, they’re yours. This is our way of saying thank you for buying our game.” — Marcin Iwiński, via Open Letter

After Broke-tober, and especially with the upcoming holiday season, my wallet was happy to hear this news. CDProjekt Red, you guys are pretty rad. 😉

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