So a few days ago I got an email from WarCry Network, notifying me that I had won first place in their Firefall Sweepstakes. I won a code for a free Operator Starter Pack, which normally costs about $20. This is what they said I would receive:

Operator Starter Pack (ARV $20.00) which includes:
• two (2) Pilot Tokens to purchase 2 Battleframes;
• 40 Red Beans;
• one (1) visual enhancement; and
• additional in-game boosters

Needless to say I was super excited! However, when I redeemed my code it turns out the pilot tokens are not a part of the Operator Starter pack, as shown on the Firefall website:


Plus, I ended up getting 168 Red Beans rather than 40, which makes sense as that seems to translate to about $21 worth. Basically, I received what the Operator Starter Pack actually gives you, rather than what was stated on their sweepstakes site. But it’s all good. Firefall said they were doing away with starter packs anyway, so I’m just happy I get to finally make some Red Bean purchases in Firefall for some nifty stuff. I already got myself a new warpaint for my battleframe:


Now I just have to hit up Luau Larry for some random goodies, perhaps a Tiki Pet. Or maybe I’ll just get some gold tokens and feed my gambling habit at the new vending machines 😛

EDIT: Turns out there was some kind of communication flub and the starter packs changed a few things. As a result, the winners got an extra handful of in-game cosmetic goodies to make up for it. SCORE!