Hello Strangers! So you know how I said I was going to start blogging more regularly? Well looks like I FAILED in that department once again. So here I am, playing catch-up. But really, this post has been on the horizon all along. Since Call of Duty: Ghosts was released about two weeks ago, I have been planning on making a post about the game ever since.  I just haven’t felt the desire or motivation to type up a post about a gaming goliath that everybody and their grandmas already know about (that, and I’m a lazy wadbag most of the time). Nonetheless, the post is here…the obligatory OMG-hey-Ghosts-is-out-and-stuff blog post is finally up for your viewing pleasure.

What is there to say about Ghosts? The game’s positive attributes are overwhelmingly overshadowed by it’s glaring faults, and yet people always seem to push through the frustrations and come back to the game day after day. And much to my chagrin, I fall into that camp myself, with the hope that I can overcome those frustrations as well.  Reload, rinse, repeat…just as any addictive arcade-style game gets us to do.  However, I do think that this will be the last CoD title that I plan on getting. I used to love playing CoD, but the accrual of disappointments over the years has weathered my interest in the game. Ultimately, it is just another Call of Duty game, lacking in spectacular innovation and yet capable of maintaining a devoted fanbase. But did you really expect anything else?

I have linked some of my recent Call of Duty:Ghosts videos from my YouTube channel, the first of which adequately sums up my sentiments toward the game and it’s multiplayer. Although Ghosts has been out for a couple weeks, my like/hate relationship with it has remained fairly steady. I have been livestreaming the multiplayer once a week since my 8-hour livestream (I know, right?) on launch day, so feel free to partake in some of the live rage shenanigans by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this post, by the way. I do appreciate the eyes that make it to my small ramblings. 🙂